Works in Progress

‘Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle’

Many of Scotland’s communities are ravaged by problems associated with poverty, crime and drug and alcohol abuse. Substantial answers to the urban crisis are all but non-existent. ‘Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle’ is the story of a young man’s deliverance from a lifestyle of desperation and delinquency to a new life of freedom and hope. This book reveals the remarkable journey of transformation and redemption that is made possible through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
How can individuals overcome the challenges presented by a negative social environment and destructive personal choices? This testimony demonstrates that ‘With God, all things are possible.’

‘Gospel-Centred Youth Work and Ministry’

 Many approaches to Christian youth work and ministry are shaped by the philosophies of relativism and relevance. This book calls for youth work aims, values and methods which are rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Two of the most popular approaches to working with young people are Christian youth work and youth ministry. ‘Gospel-Centred Youth Work and Ministry’ is a critique of both approaches and calls for an approach to Christian youth work which is embedded in mission; faithful in presenting the gospel; empowered by the Spirit; and connected to the creeds of the church and the church of the creeds. 

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