Thanks for visiting my blog.

As the Blog title suggests, this is my personal blog page. For those who don’t know me, I’m John, I’m married to Laura, and we have two children (Ethan and Caleb) and a dog called Calvin. We live at the edge of Stirling in Perthshire, we worship at Stirling Free Church, and I attend Edinburgh Theological Seminary as a Ministry Candidate for the Free Church of Scotland.

This blog is simply an informal platform for engaging with issues surrounding faith, culture and life.

If you enjoy reading my blog posts you may also be interested in  my books.

 ‘Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle’,  is my personal testimony of how God broke into my life in a real, powerful and life transforming way.

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If you are not a Christian, this book is a great way to discover just how life-changing the gospel of Christ is. If you are a Christian, this book will encourage you on your journey, it is also a great resource to hand out to your friends and family who do not know Jesus as their saviour and Lord.

My second book, ‘Radical Church’ explores challenges and opportunities facing the western church in the 21st century. The foreword is written by David Robertson, pastor at St Peter’s Free Church of Scotland in Dundee.

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