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Hi – welcome to my blog!

I generally write about what I feel passionate about. That means most of the time I either blog about the gospel, mission, or the church.

If you’re not a Christian and you are reading this – the ‘Gospel’ simply means “Good News” – the message that God wants every person in this world to hear – and embrace – the message about his Son Jesus Christ – who he is and what he has done for us. To find out more about this amazing message why not read the story of Jesus for yourself? You can begin at Mark’s Gospel. Then, if you feel brave – check out Paul’s letter to the Romans.

When I say I write about “Mission” – that simply means I engage with the issues surrounding how we (Christians) go about sharing the message of the gospel with those who don’t know about it. I’ve been interested and engaged in mission since the moment I became a Christian.

Over the years  my missional involvement has taken many different forms, whether it be simply talking with people about Jesus over a coffee, or in the simple day-to-day events; or whether it be more direct approaches like street evangelism and open-air preaching; or whether it be youth and community work or even teaching – mission has always been what I’m about.

Regarding the “church” – well that’s simply engaging with the community that God calls Christians to be part of. Church isn’t a building – it’s the people who have been called by God into a living relationship through his Son. The church is made up of believers (and their children) who have trusted in Jesus, been baptised in water and have received a special gift from God – the Holy Spirit. There are many different kinds of churches (denominations) – but no one branch of the church is the only true church. God’s people are found everywhere and every denomination. And every church and different denomination has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are better than others. (You can find out more about the church family I belong to here.)

When I write about the church, I often engage with current challenges and opportunities that affect the church today. God loves the church, and if we are Christians we should too – however that doesn’t and shouldn’t mean we should shrink back from addressing areas of weakness either in our own personal lives, or the church. In fact, if we really love the church we should long for a greater measure of reform and revival within the church. We should be willing to tackle thorny issues.

For those who are interested in the challenges facing the church, I’ve written about some of the more pressing issues affecting the church in my book Radical Church: A Call to Rediscover the Radical Roots of the Christian Faith.

Here’s the blurb:

The Church in the West is in a cultural battle, and the church is losing. Once in the position of pre–eminence, the church now finds itself on the margins. Christendom has crumbled. This new situation creates fresh challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, as the old cultural Christianity dies out, there is an opportunity for true discipleship to take its place. However, as the values, laws, and social attitudes of the land become increasingly anti–Christian, Christians are faced with a conflict – compromise the faith and lose God’s blessing, or resist the cultural pressure and risk social hostility. Radical Church looks at the challenge of what it means to be a faithful Christian in an increasingly godless culture. Ultimately it calls the church to faithfulness. As the church is faithful in the very areas that society is forcing compromise, the church will rediscover the source of its own vibrancy, power and relevance. As the church stands fast as a faithful church, it will emerge as a radical church – and history proves that radical churches have the potential and power to transform individuals, cultures and nations.


You can order a copy of Radical Church from 10ofthose or most other Christian book shops.

I wasn’t always a Christian. Quite the opposite. God broke into my life in quite a powerful way. I went from living a life of hedonistic chaos, to, step-by-step, experiencing the life-changing power of the risen Christ. I’ve written about my journey to Christ in my book ‘Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle’.

Many communities are ravaged by problems associated with poverty, crime and drug and alcohol abuse. Substantial answers to the urban crisis are all but non–existent.

‘Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle’ is the story of a young man’s deliverance from a lifestyle of desperation and delinquency to a new life of freedom and hope. This books reveals the remarkable journey of transformation and redemption that is made possible through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


If you are not a Christian, and you would like to read this book, but can’t afford to purchase a copy – get in touch and I’d be more than happy to send you a free copy.

However – the key thing is this: there is a God, he made us, and we have become disconnected from him through unbelief and going our way instead of his. There are consequences for this. True life is in God, and if we want to know true life, we need to return to God. God has made this possible through his Son Jesus Christ. He came from heaven to earth, lived a perfect life and died a rebel’s death so that we can be forgiven, saved and set free to live a new life in the power and presence of God. In order to return to God, all we need to do is turn to him, accept his Son as your saviour and Lord of our lives. Trust in him. Those who believe in Jesus, with all their heart, are saved. Then – we join the church, be baptised and discover the awesome plans and purposes that God has for us.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back in for more content in the days to come. 


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