Dever, Ferguson and the Directory for Public Worship: Quick Review

 DPW Dever Ferguson

A good wee introduction to the Puritans, and the Westminster Directory of Public Worship. Ferguson and Dever introduce us to the time, circumstances, and some key players who shaped the development of the reformation.

If there is a down side to the wee book it is the fact that it should be even wee-er. Two short essays from Dever and Ferguson, and the rest is an actual copy of the Westminster Directory of Public Worship. If you don’t have a copy, and you want one, then this is a good edition because you also get some commentary from two contemporary reformed pastor/theologians. However, if you thought you were getting a book about the directory– you will be disappointed. In fact, the title is a bit misleading here too ‘the Westminster Directory of Public Worship discussed by Sinclair Ferguson and Mark Dever’ is not really what this book is. It’s two essays that focus on almost the same part of the WDPW – Preaching. To be fair, Ferguson focuses on the ministry of the word – and at times launches broader than pulpit ministry and incorporates pastoral care and catechising – but he also focuses on preaching. Dever focuses exclusively on preaching. So both essays are a bit repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great inspiring stuff, but there are so many other topics in the directory that Dever and Ferguson don’t even mention. A more accurate title would have been ‘The Directory of Public Worship with introductory reflections from Dever and Ferguson’,

So, if you are looking for a copy of the WDPW – this is a good one. If you want an exposition of pastoral ministry and preaching from the WDPW – then this is great wee book. If you want a discussion on all the major areas of the WDPW – this book will disappoint.