Daily devotions for those who are pressed for time: Practical Advice from a Puritan

John J. Caldwell

Thomas Gouge: Christian Directions

As you are rising out of your bed, take every occasion for holy and heavenly meditations. To give you some hints:

  • When you see the nakedness of your body, let that mind you of your sins, which caused you first to be ashamed of it. For our first parents, before they had sinned, were not ashamed of their nakedness (Genesis 2:25). And the consideration thereof should stir you up earnestly to long after the robe of Christ’s righteousness, and to be clothed with that which will make you lovely and amiable in the sight of God.
  • Let your rising out of bed remind you of the resurrection from the death of sin unto the life of grace; likewise the resurrection of your body out of the grave into eternal life at the last day, when you and every one of us must appear before the great…

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