Welcome to the new blog . . .

This is my attempt to shift my writing and blogging to the next level. My aim is to improve the quality, increase the regularity and consistency of posts, and broaden the focus. Generally, I write about what interests me, and that won’t change. In previous blogs, I’ve often focused on certain theological issues, contemporary evangelicalism, polemics, and ecclesiology issues. I still hope to write about those things, but I also want to focus much more on mission, discipleship and leadership — especially — but not exclusively — in the Scottish context.

I’m hoping to use this blogging platform as something of a networking hub which crosses denominational and non-denominational barriers. I want to engage not only with the ‘problem-areas’ of church life, but to also highlight good practice wherever it exists. My previous blog was called ‘Need for Creed’. It was very much inspired by Carl Trueman’s book, ‘The Credal Imperative’. Trueman’s book on Creeds and Confessions is essential reading — especially for mainstream evangelicals. However, for those of us in the Reformed context, I’m increasingly aware that as essential and foundational as Creeds and Confessions are — in and of themselves Creeds and Confessions are not enough.

The church needs Creeds, but it also needs the living and exalted Christ. We need good doctrine, but we also need an encounter with the living God. We need good soteriology, but if our soteriology is never transformed into missiology — we have become a museum. And, if we have pulpits full of preachers but no leaders we will have churches whose walls echo with proclaimed information but lack experienced transformation.

So, God-willing, I still plan to blog about the inter-section between theology and culture, but I want to broaden that out and think about those things in relation to discipleship, mission and leadership — especially in the context of the local church.