Skye Screening of Knox: Some Personal Reflections

Need for Creed


I’ve just returned home from viewing the film Knox:The Life and legacy of Scotland’s Controversial Reformer at the Aros Cinema in Skye.

Murdo MacLeod and the team at Trinity digital have done a remarkable job in bringing to life the history of John Knox and the Scottish Reformation.

Here are a few of my initial thoughts —

  1. Knox is a great educational resource. I immediately thought that this would be a great tool to use as the basis for the Christianity in Scotland unit in RME. A couple of copies of the DVD have been pre-ordered for the RME department. So — I look forward to developing our present course into a media unit that uses this educational and informative resource on John Knox and the Scottish Reformation. Thank you Murdo Macleod and Digital Media for making this resource available.
  2. I learnt stuff I never knew. Granted — my…

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