Has the CofS left the fold?: Reviewing ‘A Sad Departure’ (Chapter Two)

sad departure

Chapter Two: Recent General Assemblies

Randall reviews the CofS attitude to homosexuality from 2006 through to 2015. I won’t go into the details of each assembly, the reader can read it for himself/herself. It’s a helpful review, particularly for those outside of the CofS. Understanding the political affairs of another denomination is not easy. Randall has helpfully recorded the key issues at each assembly.  This much is clear, since 2006 there was a clear agenda to broaden the church’s position on sexual ethics. There is a clear steady decline from 206 onwards. The result being that by the time we get to 2015 many Christians, leaders and churches have felt the need to distance themselves from the Church of Scotland. Perhaps most haunting are the words of David Cook, the moderator of the Australian Presbyterian Church. Speaking to the long-held tradition of APC representation at the CofS General Assembly, Cook says,

I see no point in symbolically representing the Presbyterian Church of Australia at such an Assembly, when the basis of our fellowship, the Lordship of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, is so disregarded. Our Mother Church has tragically left the family home.