You might be charismatic if . . .

“You might be in a charismatic church if:

· You avoid the ‘positive confession cops’ at your church, in case you have a cold that won’t go away.

·You’ve been told you have a ‘religious spirit’ because you asked the wrong question.

· You finally figured out that “touch not the Lord’s anointed” really means “SHUT UP!”

· People ask about your ‘covering’ and you know they don’t mean the blanket on your bed.

· You’ve confessed every sin you ever committed, and even a few you didn’t, and you’re still sick. So now you feel guilty, too.

· Every prophet in town has promised you prosperity, fame, and a worldwide ministry, but you still work at a dead-end job and drive a ’68 VW Beetle.

· You are part of the Chosen Generation, because everybody over 26 failed to ‘take the land’ (but you still have to submit to them for some reason?).”

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