Thoughts on Solas Magazine (A New Christian Publication)


So, I just got round to flicking through the first copy of the new Solas magazine. Solas is the new publication from the Solas Public Centre for Christianity

Anyway, here are my initial thoughts about the magazine.. 

1) Solas is Informative 

The first thing that struck me about the publication is simply how informative it is. It really is a great window into issues that are affecting the church in a variety of contexts within the 21st century. In other words, it has its finger on the pulse in terms of current affairs. Solas provides a perceptive Christian commentary on issues such as politics, persecuted Christians, culture and ethics — just to name a few. For example I was not aware that London is the only place in Britain where the church has really grown in the last few years. Solas also gives a window into the the increasing influence of secularisation and its impact on politics, education and society as a whole. 

2) Solas is Positive 

The Solas team seem to have resisted the tendency to focus on the negative and to convey a sense of "us against the world" mind-set. Instead it seems to be calling for neither pessimism nor triumphalism but discernment and hope. 

3) Solas is Challenging 

This was perhaps the best aspect. As I read about the present day issues, I was left with no doubts about the tremendous challenges which face the church in Europe today. However, I was also challenged to think, pray and act. This is really needed. If Solas can continue to inform, be positively inspiring, yet be a means of challenge for the church, then the magazine has real potential to be a catalyst for change. We need resources that cause us to be informed, yet filled with hope, and which challenge us to think, pray and act.