Why Joseph Prince is (very) wrong

The following Joseph Prince update appeared on my my newsfeed today (not because I follow him, but because someone else does).

Joseph Prince is popular — but this status update is pretty explicit — and to me is an obvious an example of why Jospeh Prince should not be considered a faithful teacher of God's Word.

I'll be brief.

Prince said:

"God has set before you many good days. Declare the good you want to see and expect to experience blessings in every area (see 1Pet 3:10)! Speak forth your restoration today!"


My (brief) response.

Just for the record, 1) This aint biblical, 2) this has more in common with witchcraft/wicca/paganism than Christianity 3) the true Christian life is about surrender to God in the midst of circumstances, not using "God" to control your circumstances. True Christianity says: "Though He slay me, yet I will trust Him." (Job)