“Nothing short of miraculous”: Readers Respond to ‘Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle’

A few folk have received, (and read) their copy of 'Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle'.

Here is some of the initial feedback from Christian readers.

"I literally sat down and read it from start to finish without putting it down — Certainly worth a read!"

"Awesome…  What an amazing testimony and what God has done is nothing short of miraculous . I had all different kinds of emotions while reading…the end reduced me to tears……all so humbling… blessed me no end."

"A very good read. I read it in one go. Also, I believe that someone could readily come to Christ through reading this."

I'm encouraged by the initial feedback and I'm glad that Christians are being blessed by it, but my hope is that the book is used to lead people to Christ.

An evangelistic ministry which reaches out to people in crisis, has already been in touch to enquire about ordering a number of copies to use in evangelism. Please pray that the book will make it into the hands of those who need it most.

You can order the book directly from me by following the link: http://www.emergingfree.co.uk/christ-the-cross-the-concrete-jungle-.html (UK only)*

If you live outwith the UK but would like to order a copy, contact me via the blog, and I'll work out how much P&P will be).