Shai Linne Upsets Youth Ministry World in Recent Tweet

Christian Rapper, Shai Linn has done it again.
I first heard of Shai Linne when he wrote and released a Rap which condemned the gospel which says riches can be "named and claimed", and even more conroversially, in his Rap, he "named and shamed".  Yep, he actually called out, by name, the popular preachers of prosperity.
This time, in a simple tweet, he quoted Brian Davis (no idea who he is) he has created a stir amongst those who consider themselves to be youth pastors. What did he tweet?
"There's a term for "Youth Pastors" in the bible. It's called "Fathers" (Eph. 6:4) – Brian Davis
Many youth workers/pastors have taken offence at the Tweet, it seems they feel that Linne's tweet undermines the need for youth pastors and the the work they do.
Does Shai Linne believe Youth Pastors are unbiblical, and unneccessary or is he simply laying down the ideal? In other words, is he saying that in an ideal world there would be no need for youth pastors?
We don't know, but the questions generated by the tweet are important. I touch on some of these issues in my book, 'Gospel-Centred Youth Work and Ministry'. In particular, I look at some of the ways in which the roles of youth workers and youth ministries have come to undermine the more essential roles of church and family. While there is no doubt youth ministries and youth work plays an important role, it is also true to say that they have also developed into something of an industry and an institution — and these things can often (usually) be counter-productive.
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