Four Marks of Faithful Preaching: Lessons from JC Ryle & John the Baptist

JC Ryle draws out timeless principles from John the Baptist's ministry as found in Mark's Gospel.

These priniciples are just as relevant today as they were in the time of John the Baptist and at the time Ryle was writing.

What are some of the essential marks of faithful preaching?

Here they are . . .

1. Faithful preaching magnifies the worth of Jesus Christ

"Let us observe, in the last place, what clear doctrine characterized John the Baptist's preaching. He exalted CHRIST–"There comes one mightier than I after me.""

2. Faithful preaching emphasises the work of Christ in salvation

"The principal work of every faithful minister of the Gospel, is to set the Lord Jesus fully before His people, and to show them His fullness and His power to save."

3. Faithful preaching highlights the work of the Holy Spirit

"He spoke plainly of the HOLY SPIRIT–"He shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit . . . The next great work He has to do, is to set before them the work of the Holy Spirit, and the need of being born again, and inwardly baptized by His grace."

4. Faithful preaching calls the hearers to repentance and faith

"Repentance and faith were the foundation stones of Christ's ministry. Repentance and faith must always be the main subjects of every faithful minister's instruction."