Update on first Sunday at Carbost


So, today was my first Sunday preaching as the ministry assistant for Bracadale and Portree.

I was preaching at Carbost in the morning and Portree in the evening. I'm planning to work through Mark's gospel, with Carbost in the morning, and I'll use the same material in Portree when I am preaching there (twice a month).

A website for Bracadale is in process, and will hopefully be up and runing in the next few weeks. I hope to be able to make the sermons avaialble online via the website. In the interim, I will be uploading the sermons on to soundcloud. The first in the series (Mark 1:1–8) is now available. Although, this recording is actually the message which was preached in Portree this evening, as there was a problem with the sound quality in the morning's recording.

Overall today has been a great first Sunday. I have been greatly encouraged by folks from Bracadale, and Portree, and even outwith these congregations. There is a genuine sense that the Free Church of Scotland is a family of churches who have a sincere love for one another, this is tremendous. It's great to see that presbyterianism is not just a theory, but when it works as it should, it helps facilitate a broad fellowship of local churches, which although separated geographically, are united spiritually.

I know a lot of people have been praying for myself and the new ministry development here on Skye, all I can say is that the prayers have certainly been felt. Praise God for those who are encouragers and warriors in prayer.